Does anyone know if Pants works in Conda environme...
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Does anyone know if Pants works in Conda environments? I've got a teammate who's trying to bootstrap Pants in an existing repo on a Conda 3.9.7 environment and hitting an error resolving the 2.9.0 version of Pants.
If it does, it's by luck. We don't test against Conda and the underlying tooling we use is currently fixed to Pip and standard Python venvs (via Pex). We have looked at this a little bit, and it seems adding Conda support would be a fairly large endeavor. None of the core maintainers has experience with Conda IIUC; so that makes the likelihood of this getting tackled even smaller. So, you're out of luck today. Pants is ~infinitely flexible and this certainly could be supported with a good deal of elbow grease, but it would take a commitment by someone with experience there. We'd of course help with the Pants side of things.
Thanks for the context. I don't think it's something that we care to invest in presently, but good to know for the future!