Hi, I just upgraded to 2.10 and fix all the BUILD ...
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Hi, I just upgraded to 2.10 and fix all the BUILD file errors. Now I am trying to build pex. It seems to take forever… Any suggestion?
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$ ./pants run bin:xxx
⠠ 867.12s Building xxx.pex with 77 requirements: ...
How long does Pip take to install those same 77 requirements if you create a new virtual environment, clear the pip cache, and then run
pip install ...
in that venv? Alot less time or comparable?
How do I get all those requirements?
Presumably they're in a requirements file or a project.toml file you already told Pants about with a BUILD target.
But easiest is probably to re-run Pants with the
option. That will print a line just before the "Building xxx.pex" line telling you where that action's sandbox directory is. You can look at the contents of the
file in that directory to see the command Pants is running. That will list all the requirements.
I just followed your instruction and pip install in a venv, and I got this:
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Collecting rsa>=3.1.4
  Downloading rsa-4.7.1.tar.gz (38 kB)
ERROR: Package 'rsa' requires a different Python: 2.7.12 not in '>=3.5, <4'
This should be the root cause that it stuck
full log
Ok. Does that mean you know what to do then to re-work your deps to not need that version of rsa?
yep! I have to pin that rsa version.