Q5: It seems that we could put `3rdparties/python/...
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Q5: It seems that we could put
and set it as a
target so that could be used to generate user lock files. Could I do the same for multiple build targets in a mono-repository?
You can have one large requirements.txt file for all your targets in a mono repo. Pants is clever enough to only include the dependencies actually required for each target.
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It is in case there are conflicting versions for a specific requirement that you’d need to split it up into more than one requirements.txt file and use the new resolves feature.
This concept is mentioned on this page, but didn’t find a dedicated page for the resolves feature (I may have overlooked it) https://www.pantsbuild.org/v2.11/docs/python-third-party-dependencies
wow, unified requirements was what i’m finding..
will look into that!
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