p, the pants wrapper and auto-complete: I hacked ...
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p, the pants wrapper and auto-complete: I hacked a (very very 5 more veries) preliminary wrapper for pants that gives me auto-complete for goal names and target names, and allows me to specify relative targets (e.g.
p test :
when I'm in
, rather than `./pants test utils:`from the repo root). With the hopes that it's useful for others (and, cards on the table: with the hopes that folks report bugs) here's the link: https://github.com/nitzan-shaked/p (edit: added global and goal-specific options completion)
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Very cool. Thank you. I hope you'll consider open an PR to integrate it with Pants core.
Thank you. If I get positive feedback from people (i.e. I think people will actually use it), and if there's someone on the pants core team that can walk me through how you want PRs to look (style, testing, packaging, ...) then I'd be happy to do it, sure.
aw, someone already put the pants logo in the reactions. You da Ⓜ️✌️ 👖
Have played around with this and it's very cool!
Operating in a subdir seemed to work perfectly
And autocomplete on goal names did too
I didn't get autocomplete on targets to work - was expecting tab autocompletion after a
, say in
but it didn't. Is my expectation wrong?
I think autocompleting cmd-line flags would be super epic!
I'm not sure of the implementation choices that need ot be made for a PATH-based Pants-binary, but however the sausage gets made I'm very interested in the sausage 🙂