Q17: If I clone another Python repo that uses Pant...
# general
Q17: If I clone another Python repo that uses Pants onto a subdirectory of a “mother” repo thst also uses Pants, can I refer the targets of the “child” repo? (e.g., when using submodules, just manually cloning some plugin codes, etc.) In such cases, can I inject the dependency without modifying BUILD files in the mother repo?
To share the host project codes with plugins, plugins should be injected to the venv of host projects. Since Pants hides venvs from the users, (and
command is not working for me now; see Q14) I’d like to know how to handle the plugin workflow. (here plugin is not pants plugins but my project’s plugins. My plugin architecture is based on Python package entrypoints.)
I’m taking the approach of monorepo, but still wants to separate out several plugin codes.
If I could: 1) refer targets in the recursively checked out trees from the root pants + 2) declare optional wildcard target dependencies in the mother repo’s BUILD files, it would be perfect for such plugin development workflow for semi-mono repositories.
In the perspective of packaging, plugins will be built separately, so this question may not matter that much. Though, it is important for developing such plugins together.
Using the exported venv, I just made a custom workflow to editable-install additional plugin pkgs. I wish to have a way to do it automatically when running