Q29: I'm going to use `--changed-since` option in ...
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Q29: I'm going to use
option in GitHub Actions CI. suggestion) The doc says
./pants --changed-since=... lint
but this fails with missing target error and
./pants --changed-since=... lint ::
fails since the
flag and explicit target args are mutually exclusive. I could workaround it by using
./pants lint --changed-since=...
. I believe that the docs should be updated. question) I'm going to use
as the argument of
. But it says
fatal: bad revision 'origin/main...HEAD'
in a PR. This may be due to the highly limited fetch-depth (default: 1). How could I fetch the commits that are exactly required for
it's simply
--changed-since=FOO lint
, w/o the
. Are you seeing elsewhere in the docs?
it did not work, so i did
lint --changed-since=FOO
about the question, i just added
git fetch --no-tags --depth=1 origin $GITHUB_BASE_REF
before executing
./pants lint ...
and it seems to work as expected
it would be helpful if the doc has an application example of
option in github actions workflows.
this is my case
the top of https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/using-pants-in-ci links to an example github action
yes, i’ve read that page. Though integration with the changed-since option was not demonstrated there.