hello, what happens if one repo has `[golang] expe...
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hello, what happens if one repo has
[golang] expected_version = "1.17"
and another specifies
and the two are part of the same dependency closure?
Hello! What do you mean by "another"? This is improved in 2.13 to be
, so that if you set to 1.17 then your machine can have 1.17+ This code is only meant to make sure Pants chooses the correct Go compiler when multiple are available on your machine. It doesn't impact how your code gets compiled, only which compiler is chosen
👍 thanks this answers my question. I was just curious if you will have dependency conflicts if they depend on each other. We have a micro-repo approach (many small repos of go libraries, etc.), and we’re trying to minimize the amount of configuration files that need to be updated when updates happen externally. In this case the pants.toml files for all our go packages need to be upgraded in the event that a new Go version gets released (which is a bit toilsome, since they’re typically backwards compatible). I think
kind of helps with this problem though.
Got it. FYI we're trying to stabilize 2.12.0 and get out 2.13.0.a0 this week https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/release-strategy for our release strategy
We have a micro-repo approach
Are y'all thinking of sticking to that, or considering migrating to monorepo?
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no we’re likely to stick with micro repos
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Curious whether pants aligns with that philosophically, or if the target audience is monorepos
Cool. While Pants is traditionally associated with monorepos, we believe it is still useful in polyrepos that's a key reason we are so intent on "minimal boilerplate", e.g. dependency inference. With Pants v1 and other build tools, the value wasn't worth the boilerplate cost until you got big enough
I'm not sure if you've seen this blog yet. We talked about this last week over VC, but this captures well our project's philosophy: https://blog.pantsbuild.org/golang-support-pants-28/ We try to be intentional about how we can augment your current workflow. To do that, we need to not Get In Your Way
Yes, I’ve read that one 🙂
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