Different output/error level for different pants g...
# general
Different output/error level for different pants goals using
when no source files were changed. Please see 🧵
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./pants --changed-since=main update-build-files --check
14:40:24.79 [INFO] Initialization options changed: reinitializing scheduler...
14:40:25.25 [INFO] Scheduler initialized.
14:40:30.51 [INFO] Completed: Building black.pex from black_default.lock
14:40:33.31 [INFO] No required changes to BUILD files found.
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./pants --changed-since=main --changed-dependees=transitive test
14:40:52.42 [WARN] No files or targets specified. The `test` goal works with these target types:

  * python_test
  * shunit2_test

Please specify relevant files and/or targets. Run `./pants filter --target-type=python_test,shunit2_test ::` to find all applicable targets in your project, or run `./pants filter --target-type=pyt
throws a warning but build file check just generates a INFO. Is this intended behaviour? I was hoping test would show similar INFO about not having any file to run tests on? Or is that problematic?