# general


08/05/2022, 7:24 PM
Hello. I'm back with my codegen plugin. I'm having an issue I don't understand. My plugin has a dependency on a wheel that requires python 3.9. Pants, when it starts, looks for python executables, picks one and runs with it. Unfortunately, it chooses python3.7 over python3.9, and when it tries to resolve the dependencies for my plugin, it fails, saying there is no way to resolve the dependencies for the wheel that requires python3.9. I tried to put interpreter_constraints=["CPython==3.9.*"] on the python_sources target on the BUILD file of my plugin and on the pants.toml/[python], same result. I tried to change the PATH to have the 3.9 version come first. With that, I can see that pants picks the 3.9 now. But then, pants continue to call pex from a venv under
that uses python3.7. I'm not sure what I should do to make pants understand it needs to choose python3.9 for my plugin 😕