Hi! Just getting started with pants. I've got ever...
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Hi! Just getting started with pants. I've got everything running locally and am working on getting my CI environment configured. I'm hitting issues with docker builds. Does anyone have any insight or experience using
targets on github actions? I've enabled every debug option I can think of, and I'm getting no hints that make sense to me. The docker executable is successfully discovered, but then pants is failing to connect to the docker daemon. None of our existing CI jobs have any issue with this.
I'm not well versed but I know "docker-in-docker" is a challenge for some reason. Perhaps this is related?
Yeah, it might be. We're successfully using it elsewhere though, so I'm not sure what is different for pants yet
Thanks for the hint - it was in fact a docker in docker quirk! Just needed to set a few extra env vars in the pants config for docker, and it's all happy now
Glad to hear it! Can you mention which env vars? I'd love to add that to the troubleshooting page in the docs
happened to be the few already mentioned there actually: https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/docker#docker-configuration. Our other build tools must automatically pick up
from the environment, so it didn't occur to me that I needed to explicitly add that to the config to pick it up
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