If as a newcomer you'd gotten a brief weekly "Pant...
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If as a newcomer you'd gotten a brief weekly "Pants Tips" (consensual opt-in) newsletter a handful of times, would this have been helpful? I periodically get newsletters like there when I sign up for a new SaaS or install an especially complicated app. Usually there's one email reminding me of the first few setup/config steps, one a week or two later that assumes I've gotten started but could use a reminder of how to seek help if needed, one later that assumes I'm a little farther along in exploring and wondering what else it can do, maybe just one more after that, then it typically stops. I find a couple of widely-spaced prompts handy when the new software isn't something I can explore thoroughly in one session, as long as the emails are very few and clearly unselfish in motivation (no upsell). Do others feel similarly? I'm wondering if it would be helpful enough to justify the effort involved in setting up an automation of this nature.
I've found that a monthly digest is the only frequency I accept nowadays. Jetbrains does it well I think. Especially with their language recaps every month? 3 months? Aside, a mildly neat feature for pants might be some sort of
./pants help open
or whatever, that opens a browser to your version of Pants
to your version of Pants docs? Yeah, I like that idea!