Question about pex lockfiles. I have `rtl_tools@ <...
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Question about pex lockfiles. I have
rtl_tools@ <git+ssh://>
in my requirements file. I'm seeing
"url": "git+ssh://****"
end up in the constraints file. What's going on with the
I think this is a pex way of hiding if I did put ssh credentials in the url, but it's breaking things in CI since there's no password-based system. I have yet to figure out why it works fine locally.
Original convo that sparked the bug ticket here
Yeah, the unfortunate workaround for now is to manually replace those ** with
in the lockfile… Not great, I know
I already had a script for generating lockfiles before when I was using
. I just put a
command in there after the
command I needed. So no meaningful user impact for us at this time.
We need to figure out how to document this better so that the explanation is searchable. doesn't know how to search for "***" and finds nothing when searching for "asterisks".
I think a note/warning in would be nice. Here's the bash script I have to generate for me and resolve the git url things
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cd "$(dirname "$0")"
echo "Generating constraints file..."
../pants generate-lockfiles --custom-command='./scripts/' --resolve=python-default
# Now clean up git stuff until <> is
# resolved
sed -i 's/\*\*\*\*@git/git@git/g' ../constraints.txt
Would you be interested in submitting a patch to the docs? The file is at I figure you have best perspective on what terms someone would be searching for and what they'd want described there.
(Or feel free to submit via the frontend, using the page's Suggest Edits button. Either approach is fine.)
Please no doc hack patches! Fix here:
Thanks for the clarification, John 👍