Hello. I find that pants rebuild a lot of things t...
# general
Hello. I find that pants rebuild a lot of things that to me, didn't change on my code. So, I was wondering if there is an easy way to understand what makes pants rebuild something. Like a magic command that could tell me that this "packaging" target would be rebuilt because those targets changed since the last time the package was built. Any ideas?
Hi! Some other possible causes of rebuilds: • third-party requirements changed • environment variables changed. This is partially why we make you allowlist the env vars, for more precise cache keys • upgrading Pants versions because we sometimes make foundational changes that invalidate the cache Re that magic command, probably
dependencies --transitive path/to/f.ext
is the most helpful. I believe that
will also print the SHA256 hash we use for the local process cache
oh, I didn't think of the env vars. Would
show me if an env vars changed? Also I'll try to use
with a
git status
and compare.