I was just reading in the GitHub issues that every...
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I was just reading in the GitHub issues that everything here is being lost after 90 days: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/16534#issuecomment-1218140696 Other very successful open source python communities are build built in Discourse: https://discuss.streamlit.io/ And, if you ask them about it they will often provide a completely free hosted solution for open source communities.
The topic has come up (and likely now lost to history). I don't think anyone is against it so much as it's a large undertaking requiring a lot of planning and coordination and announcing
We've recently dived into GitHub discussions to fill some of the gap
This is great info about what other communities are doing!
The one nice thing about Slack is that ~everyone is already on it
So I've been hoping for a "Slack is for chit chat, GitHub Discussions are for discussions" idiom