Hi all, has anyone integrated a NodeJS project in ...
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Hi all, has anyone integrated a NodeJS project in Pants? Most of my packages are Python, but there’s a single NodeJS one I’d like to integrate too
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There is not yet low level support for JS in Pants, although we are very interested in finding people willing to participate in developing this. But there has been a lot of recent work by @ancient-vegetable-10556 on "experimental shell command" - a mechanism for having Pants orchestrate arbitrary underlying tools. This might be a good fit for at least a small JS build such as yours.
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At the moment, the only node-ish anything we do is the ability to run
for tooling (e.g. Prettier). I believe someone was going to work on the dependency inference, which is a good step 1 for support. If you have any workflow feedback, or specifics you can share - here is a good spot: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/discussions/17357
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