I am looking to integrate Pants into our CI/CD. I ...
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I am looking to integrate Pants into our CI/CD. I have built a docker image that can run Pants with all the dependencies for our environment. I am able to run the tailor, check, lint, and test commands. Now I want to be able to build docker images in that container. I am using docker-out-of-docker approach and linking the /var/log/docker.sock to the image. However, I am having some trouble getting the docker to run. Is there any advice on how to integrate into CI this way?
right now, the first time I run i get this error:
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Failed to start Docker container `4cb4444d7727c9a00787abf11fa48dd9d7da82a04b4400364059cc36837397e2` for image `sha256:a037112b1932d8a1e40b606c914630e9517680424b837155ee45a101c1fbb04f`: JsonSerdeError { err: Error("expected value", line: 1, column: 1) }
and the second time i get:
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Engine traceback:
  in `package` goal
  in Finding the `docker` binary and related tooling

BinaryNotFoundError: Cannot find `sw_vers` on `['/bin', '/sbin', '/usr/bin', '/usr/local/bin', '/usr/local/sbin', '/usr/sbin']`. Please ensure that it is installed so that Pants can use docker.
a Mac binary? If so, have you dug at that very surprsing angle? Surely you're not trying to run docker out of docker on a Mac CI host?
I am running an ubuntu docker image on my mac workstation to get the dynamics and commands correct before trying to run the container on the Jenkins agents.
I’ve also ran into this with pants 2.16 & OSX 13.4.1 - any pointers or resolutions?