```pants --loop run app/to/:manage -- runserver pa...
# general
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pants --loop run app/to/:manage -- runserver
pants --loop run app/to/:manage -- runserver --noreload
when I run the server. I cannot reload the server when I change the code. Anybody can help?
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08:33:51.47 [INFO] Canceled: Building 171 requirements for payhere.app_services.retail/manage.pex from the lockfiles/python-default.txt resolve: amqp==5.1.1; python_version >= "3.6", appdirs==1.4.4, argon2-cffi==20.1.0, asgiref==... (5856 characters truncated)
shows like this
I guess because I change views(related swagger static file) and it got slow to update all dependencies.
You probably want to do
pants --loop run app/to/manage.py -- runserver --noreload
When you run the source, it doesn't rebuild a pex
if your app/to:manage points to a
target then that tells Pants to rebuild the pex file every time, which is slow
Thanks benjy. I forgot what you have told before.