Having a bit of a head scratcher moment... I've mo...
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Having a bit of a head scratcher moment... I've moved over some unit tests that were using poetry in the other project and were passing 100%, using them in pants and only the first test after the fixture is passing 🤔 I've tried scopes etc but no luck. https://github.com/strawberry-graphql/strawberry/pull/2579/files#diff-50c86b7ed8ac2cf95bd48334961bf0530cdc77b5a56f852c5c61b89d735fd711 The contribution thats passing is open source, but I'm back porting the tests to what we have which is closed, but there should be no differences other than pants
What's the failure message?
mock_calls is empty
If I comment out the passing test, the next one defined passes 😄
The only thought I had is the fixture is returning rather than yielding, but it was working fine in strawberry
Hmmm... Are you running with the expected versions of packages like
? I've had issues if I had different versions of packages in the normal resolves compared to the ones listed in
in pants.toml
I've moved out of the fixtures and directly calling in the function, again, works for the first test and then fails after... I'm thinking its something to do with patch + pants??