Does pants support* editable wheels <https://peps....
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Does pants support* editable wheels If I understand the PEP correctly this would allow me to perform an editable install from a wheel. Presumably this would mean if I
./pants package ::
to generate some wheels that I could then install into a
in editable mode. This is useful to me as someone trying to incrementally adopt pants in a project while still supporting (development) workflows that depend on venvs, for example the python testing extension in vs code. My current work around is to include a
that updates my
so vs code can discover tests as we have multiple top level projects in this repository but this is a hack. Sorry if the question doesn't make sense, I'm still trying to learn more about python packaging and don't have a full grasp of what build backend / frontends are.
Just noticed the PEP was rejected. Oh well.
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Can you accomplish the same thing without building the wheel but just installing the package in editable mode?
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pip install -e
I was hoping to use pants to generate things like the
rather than write them by hand and I'm not sure if there's a way to easily put those back into the directory containing the
target. If so I could
pip install -e