Hi all! I wondered if toolchain management has bee...
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Hi all! I wondered if toolchain management has been discussed already somewhere. I'm coming at Pants from an existing monorepo which is built using Please, but interested in evaluating Pants as a potential replacement based on its healthier-seeming community and my hopes of a more mature / better documented tool (not that I don't like Please, just that it can be a bit of a trawl to figure out what's going on when it breaks...) One thing we have in our existing Please repo is a good set of rules for managing both Python and Go toolchains, which results in a high degree of hermeticity since everything right down to the language runtime is reproducibly managed by the build tool. I'm aware that Pants uses lockfiles for tools in Python, but not aware of what the (planned) hermeticity mechanisms are for Go, and both are important to us since we're a mixed-language repo. Really my questions here I think are -- what are people's experience with Pants' support for hermetic builds in the absence of toolchain management; are the lockfiles good enough? What does Pants plan for Go support? Is there a philosophical decision not to manage toolchains using the build tool, and if so what are the arguments for / against? Side-note: Please suffers similar Googlability problems to Pants 🙂
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