ooh, this is quite cool: <https://pyo3.rs/main/con...
# development
ooh, this is quite cool: https://pyo3.rs/main/contributing.html#documenting-changes (tl;dr: require a user-readable snippet per PR, and use something like
to concatenate them)
hah. yea, looks like everyone was at the time as well. i think that we’ve recently attempted to do this manually at the head of the release notes, but setting an expectation of longer blurbs might let us generate the summary section instead.
We're using Reno for Qiskit projects. It's a similar idea. https://pypi.org/project/reno/ It works pretty well, and the integration with Sphinx is awesome for cross-referencing e.g. API docs and migration guides. My only complaints are: 1. I don't like writing RST hah 2. It's not very actively maintained. It was painful for me to merge two PRs
I'd have to see it in more detail, but I'm +1