Oooh, the GIL might be going away! <https://peps.p...
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Oooh, the GIL might be going away!
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not approved yet, but Sam is targeting 3.13 for GIL-less Python to be at least an option. That would mean that future development of CPython would need to (optionally) work without the GIL
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what changed since the last time we saw PEP-703?
did it change state?
that it was actually submitted for consideration today
with a target release of 3.13
ah, cool beans
Yeah Sam recently said he was sending it off in a very recent comment and FYId Stu and myself šŸ˜…
f seems the discussion around this has kinda stalled (at least here anyways). Anybody getting any other updates about this?
Yeah there's been like 3 threads going on in tandem. Most of them go nowhere because people can't be bothered to positively contribute new and genuine ideas. The big news: ā€¢ Core devs voted they'd like to see free threading, and slightly positive on taking on maintenance burden ā€¢ Meta committed 3 dev years of resources to stabilization and migration for CPython if PEP 703 is accepted ā€¢ Meta also informally committed to helping make CPython faster even with PEP 703 (which was the big blocker, if any IMO. That perf got worse, and the faster CPython team would be back at square 1) ā€¢ And just recently anaconda committed to helping out the ecosystem stability So all in all, things are trending well in PEP 703 IMO
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