Speaking of, it's not hard to write a GitHub Actio...
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Speaking of, it's not hard to write a GitHub Action (of which I think we ought to write more) that automatically cherry picks a PR once the original PR is merged (to each relevant branch). In the case of a merge conflict, it'll just bail. We're not any worse off than today Y'all think it's worth it? I can get a PoC
There would need to be some logic for cherry-picking to a milestone and all subsequent ones
Yup, not hard though. And that's the only thing we don't have today
We use Mergify for Qiskit - only its cherrypick feature because we now use GitHub for a merge queue. It works pretty well.
The merge queue is pretty neat from GitHub because it ensures the PR has always run against the latest commit on main, which we don't do. It should catch some issues we've had in the past few years with broken CI
Yeah I brought up GH merge queues here once or twice. I think the thinking was that we just don't break enough for it to be worth it
I think merge queue would be great - But it does require modifying the workflows to use that event type.
And auto-cherry-pick would be AWESOME!
auto cherry-pick and auto-release (triggered by a tag) would be awesome
Along with non-flaky CI...