Another debugging question… I’m trying to include ...
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Another debugging question… I’m trying to include a config file for a formatter in the tests (here). However, the output from the formatter shows that the config file was not picked up. Do I need to do something extra to put the config file into the sandbox?
Based on what
does, it doesn’t seem so, but then again this is now a targetless formtter which may be different
In your normal rule, doing the config discovery object and pike around and make sure it looks right. Also see if the digest for the configs has bytes
It does, that
you commented on shows the correct output 😉 But the output from taplo should show that it ignored one file and it only shows the two files it’s supposed to format. Example in the next message…
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tree -a taplo-tests/
├── .taplo.toml
└── tester.toml
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taplo fmt taplo-tests/
 INFO taplo:format_files:collect_files: found files total=1 excluded=1 cwd="/Users/bweber/Documents"
So it found the
and the
and excluded the latter
But my test output only shows:
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INFO taplo:format_files:collect_files: found files total=2 excluded=0 cwd="/private/tmp/pants-sandbox-RO8siG"
So just to be clear, the rule is correctly seeing the config?
Does taplo require the config at CWD? Or does it allow configs up directory chain from (somewhere)
(I'll try and clone your branch today, and poke around)
The rule is able to print out the config, but Taplo does not see it. Yes, Taplo only looks in the cwd for configs
That might be a clue
So it will find the config file and ignore it if it’s not in the cwd but is in the directory specified to format
That’s what I was trying to show with my
folder. My cwd is the parent of
, so taplo doesn’t use the config file but it does exclude it from formatting
OTOH the test doesn’t even find/ignore the config file
but it does exclude it from formatting
So I see that the strings before/after for the config are different:
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"a/.taplo.toml": "[formatting]\ncompact_entries = true\n",
"a/.taplo.toml": "[formatting]\ncompact_entries=true\n",
Changing that to match, and, since you said it doesn't find a config, changing the files to still be
the test gets past this assert
We have this issue in other plugins as well. We currently only assume one (root) config if the
option isn't specified
This passes:
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def test_config_files(rule_runner: RuleRunner) -> None:
            "a/f.toml": NEEDS_CONFIG_FILE,
            ".taplo.toml": "[formatting]\ncompact_entries = true\n",
            "b/f.toml": NEEDS_CONFIG_FILE,
    fmt_result = run_taplo(rule_runner)
    assert fmt_result.stdout == ""
    assert fmt_result.output == rule_runner.make_snapshot(
            "a/f.toml": FIXED_NEEDS_CONFIG_FILE,
            "b/f.toml": FIXED_NEEDS_CONFIG_FILE,
            ".taplo.toml": "[formatting]\ncompact_entries=true\n",
    assert fmt_result.did_change is True
Thanks @bitter-ability-32190! I’ll take a look on Monday 🙂
@bitter-ability-32190 I updated the PR whenever you have a chance to take a look
@bitter-ability-32190 Sorry for the delay, updated the PR again
No worries, life is busy. I am too 😛
FWIW I keep a pretty close finger on my GitHub notifications. Doesn't mean I get to them quickly but I DO watch