Hello, my name is Takhir and I'm a software engine...
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Hello, my name is Takhir and I'm a software engineer at Itechart. When I first started working, the team was already using Pants. We have a Python mono repo. Currently, I am making the transition from Pants 1 to Pants 2. So I joined the community so that I could ask my questions if I'll have any and see some interesting approaches to how others use this tool
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Welcome to the future! 😎
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Oh wow, you are going to be bowled over by Pants 2. It'll likely be at 2.16 or so by the time you finish the transition, so will be a lot of new exciting things to play with. Welcome, and please do let us know how we can be helpful in the transition.
Oh boy, v2 is so much better and easier to use! You're in for a treat
Thank you for the warm welcome!