Hi everyone :wave: At <Forter> we’re working on re...
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Hi everyone 👋 At Forter we’re working on revamping our mono-repo infra using Pants, an effort led by @high-magician-46188. I’m looking into the Docker and Helm integrations as we have a concurrent effort of moving services to K8s. It raised a few interesting issues around how we can do CD with a PR-heavy mono-repo, so I’m here to keep tabs on that effort and progress of relevant features 🤞
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Nice! What were the issues that came up, and which Pants features are you monitoring? By the way, no pressure at all but: if you want to speed things along please know that we welcome new contributions and are happy to help new contributors. So scratching an itch is welcome, if you ever want to. Some of our best features came from users who had an unmet need. 😉