# development


04/22/2023, 11:15 PM
Ops, I introduced a change that breaks the toolchain plugin: 🧵
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File "/home/runner/.cache/pants/named_caches/pex_root/venvs/s/8b470e11/venv/lib/python3.7/site-packages/toolchain/pants/buildsense/", line 166, in _get_run_tracker_info
    "recorded_options": run_tracker.get_options_to_record(),
  File "/home/runner/work/pants/pants/src/python/pants/goal/", line 216, in get_options_to_record
    recorded_options[scope] = self._get_option_to_record(*scope_and_maybe_option)
  File "/home/runner/work/pants/pants/src/python/pants/goal/", line 228, in _get_option_to_record
    scope_to_look_up, check_deprecations=False
  File "/home/runner/work/pants/pants/src/python/pants/option/", line 118, in as_dict
    return {key: self.get(key) for key in self._value_map}
  File "/home/runner/work/pants/pants/src/python/pants/option/", line 118, in <dictcomp>
    return {key: self.get(key) for key in self._value_map}
  File "/home/runner/work/pants/pants/src/python/pants/option/", line 115, in get
    return self._get_underlying_value(key)
  File "/home/runner/work/pants/pants/src/python/pants/option/", line 130, in _get_underlying_value
    raise ranked_val.error
pants.option.errors.MissingRequiredOptionError: The option --from in scope 'paths' is required.
There’s a number of ways to solve this that comes to mind: Pants fixes: • revert the PR • add option to
an option so it doesn’t throw toolchain plugin workaround hack: • access the ranked value directly rather than go through
I think it makes more sense to fix this in Pants though..
actually, the code that “should” throw uses the
dunder method to get the value, so
could be made safe by default. I’ll open a PR with that.