Hey! I’m a Principal Cloud Engineer at Medtronic, ...
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Hey! I’m a Principal Cloud Engineer at Medtronic, and the tech lead for the Developer Experience team within the Cardia Rhythm Management (CRM) org. I started using pants when I looked for an integrated build system after I left my position at AWS (they use an internal system called Brazil). I really loved that system, as the amount of boilerplate code was SO small; a single BUILD file was enough. While I know many use multiple BUILD files with pants, all of my current repositories only have a single BUILD file, and I get along great! I’ve spoken to a few other teams here in CRM and they have expressed interest in utilizing a built system, mainly for remote caching and execution. I’ve not set that up yet for us, but that is because teams need JavaScript/TypeScript support and .NET support. I plan on providing a few cycles this summer to tackling a .NET backend with another Principal engineer colleague who has years of .NET experience (I’m bringing the years of Python experience).
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None of us have .NET experience, so that would be epic
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It's always tricky to find that combination of Python+X knowledge, when writing a plugin for X
Welcome! By the way, @worried-painter-31382 is working on TS/JS support currently. If anyone on your team is interested is hastening the future availability of that, I'm sure he'd appreciate more feedback on PRs and/or having a collaborator.
Would those other teams need Windows support as well? It's been a popular request as of late, so we're very interested in supporting anyone who'd like to contribute that.
I’ll reach out to him, if needed. I’m in the early stages of convincing those around me that we need to implement pants across the org. I’m starting a grassroots movement lol.
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As far as Windows support, it’s not a HUGE necessity as those teams doing .NET development are migrating to Linux.
Let us know if we can help with your grassroots efforts
So, I kinda shopped the idea to some of the other Principals and Sr. Principals in my org, and the huge blocker is native Windows support. There's a lot of apprehension in dev teams to use WSL or things non-Windows, so I'm kinda up a creek without a paddle until it's supported.
I'll dig around Pex's Github for Windows support work, as I understand that's a huge component to native support.
That makes sense! We know native Windows support is very important.
Yeah, we expect Pex support to be the most substantial part of that effort
Any help with that would be amazing
I believe it's now at the "getting the rest of the tests to pass" stage
Yeah, I was able to clone Sirois's
branch, but a majority of the tests are failing. CI isn't setup for it either, and that's a bit of a blocker. I'm gonna see what I can do about passing tests while he finishes other tasks before going back to the CI one.