Does anyone know of an `fpm` alternative written i...
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Does anyone know of an
alternative written in something other than Ruby? i.e something that can produce deb and rpm files simply?
The next part of adopting pants in the StackStorm repo is figuring out the system package story: I've got to produce deb and rpm files that include • a virtualenv (woohoo pex+ pex-tools venv has me covered there) • A system user • Misc system service files (systemd units and unit generators) • Misc conf files that go in /etc • And other misc files/dirs/symlinks
Is the existing Debian backend anything you can work off of?
The debian native backend seems a little simplistic for my needs. Eg: it can wrap an archive or a PEX, but how would I add the scripts that add a system user or install conf files in /etc? Plus it uses the debian native utils which means I have to make sure to build deb packages on a debian machine which is doable, but adds complexity of rather avoid.