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I'm so glad pants uses real python instead of starlark. There are some DSL-like pants-isms, but it's a lot more approachable than the stuff I've seen in starlark.
A lot of their new shiny features are features of the pants engine. Although @witty-crayon-22786 we should check out that terminal library. If they can leverage PEX, we can leverage their terminal library
heh. yea.
Also @busy-vase-39202, look another "we rewrote it in Rust, it's now V2". So now there's 2 build systems that have that claim. Not a ton, but funny there's two
🤣 1
Oh, they could here among us! 👋
They announced that plan a couple years ago. I forget when, but Pants 2 was already out.
Must've been fun to do a rewrite. Something everyone dreams of 🤩