Well, this is frustrating :man-facepalming: ```Th...
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Well, this is frustrating 🤦‍♂️
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The `@rule_helper` decorator is no longer needed. `@rule` methods may call any other methods, and if they are `async` may also use `Get` and `MultiGet`.
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native_engine.IntrinsicError: Get(TargetRootsToFieldSets, TargetRootsToFieldSetsRequest, TargetRootsToFieldSetsRequest(field_set_superclass=<class 'pants.core.goals.package.PackageFieldSet'>, goal_description='', no_applicable_targets_behavior=<NoApplicableTargetsBehavior.ignore: 'ignore'>, shard=0, num_shards=-1)) was not detected in your @rule body at rule compile time. Was the `Get` constructor called in a separate function, or perhaps dynamically? If so, it must be inlined into the @rule body.
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Not really sure how to fix this other than putting all my code into one function, which is kinda blah for an optional rule
the wording was just changed on
to better highlight the true issue here. You need your async method declared before your rule.
not ideal still, I’ll look into fixing this properly at some point…
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