Has anyone had issues with `pants test` give a `Mo...
# general
Has anyone had issues with
pants test
give a
Module not found error
to find their core module when using
import <core_module>
in the tests? We've had this issue for a while but have circumvented it by just running pytest directly in an exported environment, would be nice to not have to do that.
What do you mean by core module?
Sorry the actual root module of the package being built
Was just trying to indicate that there's no "import path" other than
import x
i.e. no
import x.y.z
It acts as though the package is not installed when running the tests
This has most probably to do something with how you define source roots
Could this have anything to do with having namespace packages?
Yes I think that's the issue. Maybe post the repo structure you are using to figure out what's not aligned with the pants/python expectations.