Hey <@U04S45AHA>, I'm interested in helping with P...
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Hey @enough-analyst-54434, I'm interested in helping with Pex support for Windows. It blocks me using Pants in my day job because some contributors use Windows Where's that effort at / how could I help?
I'll page that back in and report back. My effort got sidelined back in October by scie. A pretty big branch was down to ~50 IT failures. I'm out through the 13th but I'll likely get some keyboard time between now and then.
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Blocked as in we need PEXes to work on Windows or blocked as in we know Pants / PEX work under WSL but we consider that inconvenient? I've been using the latter for 6+ months and it seems just fine FWIW.
For Qiskit (IBM Quantum's open source platform), we have non-IBM contributors who sometimes contribute with Windows. All of IBM Quantum team uses macOS/Linux/WSL, but they want to keep support for those non-IBM contributors. Many of them are researchers and not engineers, so asking them to use WSL is a non-starter And then my other motivation is for a volunteer project I'm doing this weekend, another teammate is also not at all a developer. I was thrilled to use Pants's builtin Python interpreter from Josh to make it much easier for him to run things with minimal config. Until finding out he uses Windows
Disclosure: I'm unsure how much I can finish this project. This will be my own personal time because I want Pants to succeed and want to use it in more places But I think I can at least whack-a-mole some issues