Howdy folks! I'm giving a <talk at PyTexas> this y...
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Howdy folks! I'm giving a talk at PyTexas this year on April 1st on Build Engineering and would love an audience to help me test run and provide feedback. One central theme of the talk is that BuildEng is about the people that write code, and to that end this talk is for anyone who writes software: beginner or advanced. I'd love to have you on the call (and even better, in person)! I've scheduled it for March 29th @ 1pm CDT, or 6pm-7pm UTC. Reply in ๐Ÿงต (or DM me) your email and I'll send an invite.
Aside: ...and by "in a few weeks", Josh means "a week from tomorrow". If you'll be in the Austin, Texas area next weekend please do consider attending the conference in person. Not only will Josh be speaking about build engineering and Pants next Saturday, but @adventurous-journalist-72920 will be speaking there (about PyLint and Pants) the following day, and Pants co-creator @happy-kitchen-89482 will be present all weekend. So it's a chance to have some neat conversations with Pants community members, as well as hear 18 other Python talks about a variety of subjects.
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