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03/22/2023, 4:10 PM
👋 Ahoy! I'm the web developer at a lumber and land company HQed in Alabama, The Westervelt Company. I'm mostly a team of one, though I do have a backup in our DBA and we do outsource a lot of the frontend work through an external consulting company. I've spent the past couple of years migrating a bunch of our ColdFusion legacy applications to Python, Django, and React. However I'm starting to feel the operational complexity of Django+React is not worth it for the types of websites and applications I build and am exploring using Django beyond just an API server, e.g. using the builtin templating system and a light JS framework for sprinkles of interactivity plus HTMX for an SPA feel where applicable. I'm giving Pants a try as I've really enjoyed the monorepo approach for all of our frontend code using Turborepo. I'd much rather deal with a monorepo then the multirepo approach with the different Django projects and the maintenance overhead of either copy-and-pasting shared code between the projects or splitting out the shared code into dedicated modules that are published to an internal PyPI.
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