I'm trying to use `run_pants` to add some tests fo...
# plugins
I'm trying to use
to add some tests for some of my plugins to start squashing bugs (thanks @bitter-ability-32190 for the push!). However; when I use it in my package repo I hit the following:
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pants.base.build_root.BuildRoot.NotFoundError: No build root detected. Pants detects the build root by looking for at least one file from ['pants', 'BUILDROOT', 'BUILD_ROOT'] in the cwd and its ancestors. If you have none of these files, you can create an empty file in your build root.
The full code is here; but what I've got is pretty much:
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def test_run_oci_container() -> None:
    build_inputs = {
        "BUILD_ROOT": "",
        "oci/BUILD": dedent(...),
        "oci/example.py": dedent(...),

    with setup_tmpdir(build_inputs) as tmpdir:
        result = run_pants(

    assert result.stdout == "Hello world!\n"
    assert result.exit_code == 0
The BUILD_ROOT I've added to see if it's required but no dice. Currently testing on 2.14.
Seems crappy and maybe outdated, but you need to actually check that file in apparently.
No dice; adding those locally has no impact. 😞 It looks like it's failing inside the test itself? Hm.
Same on 2.15.0 too.
Check out the dependencies of pants_integration_test in the Pants repo: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/blob/main/src/python/pants/testutil/BUILD That suggests an attack.
Awesome, got closer now at least. Now it's not finding the backends 🙇 I had to explicitly depend on the
target in my python_test.