Oh hey, with the latest Python changes I introduce...
# development
Oh hey, with the latest Python changes I introduced, the repo technically no longer needs any Python installed on the system for running tests/scripts (It still does for the
script) I think this is a boon for local development and for CI. Would we be interested in enabling the pyenv backend? It means: • one-time payment per Python version for installation. ~2 minutes on my machine per installation • Slightly slower Python (doesn't use an install with optimizations, which takes ~30 minutes per install, but individuals can opt-in to those installs) • We can run all our tests, even the Python-version-specific ones 😉 • Decouples
and the rule runner tests from system Python -> Better hermecticity
We could upfront the installation in CI still, so that the tests aren't fighting over installs. And then use a GitHub Actions cache to store the installs