Hello! Trying to grapple through some of my first ...
# pex
Hello! Trying to grapple through some of my first changes on the journey of adding windows support. First target was how we find python interpreters. There seems to be two key differences with python executables in windows vs. linux/unix-like systems: 1. The binaries have the
extension tacked onto them 2. The binaries do not live in a bin folder. https://github.com/pantsbuild/pex/compare/master...jacobnlsn:new/windows-support in interpreter.py changes you can see my first attempt at resolving this. I do think it may run deeper than just in this location. For example https://github.com/jacobnlsn/pex/blob/new/windows-support/pex/interpreter.py#L319 this regex to find a binary would not find a windows binary. Just looking for some general insight in this area.
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looping in a few other folks with windows experience is likely to be the most fruitful path
the maintainer of PEX (John Sirois) is on vacation for the next few days. he’d be helpful for general perspective on PEX, but he hasn’t used windows in a long time afaik, so he won’t add much there
cc @acceptable-guitar-79854
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At a minimum, changing the regex to also find python.exe shouldn't be controversial
As that won't harm Linux users
I’m curious: whats the impetus/use case for pex on windows exactly?
it’d be far simpler to just use e.g. pex on docker imho
We are integrating with a 3rd party service that only runs on windows.