And similar errors with `./pants test tests/python...
# pex
And similar errors with
./pants test tests/python/pants_test/init/
Can you provide any more data on that .pyenv interpreter? What does it have installed in it's site-packages for example.
Better, what does
<that interpreter> -s -c 'import sys, os; print(os.linesep.join(sys.path))'
This is strange and I'd love to get to the bottom of it. For full context, the interpreter identification code runs with -s to exclude user site-packages but can't run with -S to exclude site-packages since this is broken under many distributions. Instead of -S, Pex extracts itself to a chroot and exports that chroot as PYTHONPATH for the interpreter identification run. That inserts the extracted Pex chroot at the head of sys.path and so should isolate interpreter identification from any system installed Pex.
The PYTHONPATH trick does leave
1st on
so, afaict, the only way to get older Pex being used is to have the Pex repo checked out on an old version at
or something similar. I've certainly been continually surprised though.
OK so confirmed that the interpreter has pex 2.1.12 in its site-packages
The sys.path (with -s) is
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Oh, hm, but the problem persists even after I uninstall pex from the site-packages
I verified that pex is not installed on any interpreter on my machine's site-packages
And I deleted my source checkout of the pex repo , to be sure that's not somehow on the PYTHONPATH
Plus that is at a much later version, one which has that
If you could run with
it would be useful to be able to inspect the chroot.
DM'd it to you
2.1.17 was the 1st version to get
; so your 2.1.12 in site-packages bit above is still a lead.
The leak of
onto the
during interpreter identification is reproed and tracked here: That said, I don't think that can be the mechanism here since $PWD is the Pants process execution chroot and that chroot does not have an old Pex installed anywhere in it.
And after help from Benjy reproing and isolating all this, the real bug is here: This has been a bug for a year and a few days and only affects users of the Pex PEX Pex releases via Github Releases (e.g.: Pants). PyPI users would be unaffected. Fixes for this issue and the theoretical
leak issue coming up in a Pex 2.1.31 release.