Oh, like try using an entry point on the straight ...
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Oh, like try using an entry point on the straight CLI invocation to reproduce this? Good idea.
more than just reproing it: there are potentially mutiple entrypoints in those requirements
it's ambiguous... so i think you need to specify what entrypoint to use.
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older, but:
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PEX entry point options:
    Specify what target/module the PEX should invoke if any.

    -m MODULE[:SYMBOL], -e MODULE[:SYMBOL], --entry-point=MODULE[:SYMBOL]
                        Set the entry point to module or module:symbol.  If
                        just specifying module, pex behaves like python -m,
                        e.g. python -m SimpleHTTPServer.  If specifying
                        module:symbol, pex imports that symbol and invokes it
                        as if it were main.
    -c SCRIPT_NAME, --script=SCRIPT_NAME, --console-script=SCRIPT_NAME
                        Set the entry point as to the script or console_script
                        as defined by a any of the distributions in the pex.
                        For example: "pex -c fab fabric" or "pex -c mturk
                        Validate the entry point by importing it in separate
                        process. Warning: this could have side effects. For
                        example, entry point `a.b.c:m` will translate to `from
                        a.b.c import m` during validation. [Default: False]