would pex ever be interested in taking over a code...
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would pex ever be interested in taking over a codebase that either (xor): (1) attempts to abstract away the daemonization logic in pants (2) attempts to abstract away the nailgun logic in pants
I don't think so since these would be features of an application you might bundle into a PEX file but not features Pex itself needs.
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thanks!!! that was the answer i was expecting and was interested in just the kind of specifics you've provided!
one other thought: there's this tool (https://github.com/indygreg/PyOxidizer) from someone who previously contributed to i think the mozilla
build tool, i saw him present on it at a rust meetup at facebook a while ago. one of the things PyOxidizer does is e.g. reduce import time by importing modules from memory, instead of the filesystem. it has several other features and may be a solution to https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/7369. would e.g. wrapping something like PyOxidizer ever be under the purview of pex? i don't have anything at all concrete in mind here, and could post on that issue if i have more thoughts, just wondering
Just read quickly and PyOxidizer already produces a single executable file - just like Pex does. So, afaict, the only possible marriage of ideas would be ship a multiplatform file composed of 2 or more pyoxidezer binaries. Unlike the pex multiplatform case though as it stands, there is no reasonable equivalent of a wheel house here. You need to fully pyoxidize every new binary you want to ship from scratch - you can't compose it out of pre-built platform specific bits like you can a pex from wheels.
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So I don't see how PyOxidizer could be used by Pex.
Are these all random questions or are they related by some goal you have in mind? If the latter it would probably be more productive to work at the higher level of the goal and then drill down.
i can guarantee you that unfortunately there was no greater goal in mind. i wouldn't be asking so many questions like this if so i am very direct
both @hundreds-breakfast-49010 talking about options parsing (which i adore) in #engine and then having peeked at pants daemonization logic in another PR recently with @red-balloon-89377 having an epiphany on the spot
so unrelated, for now
thanks so much for the replies!
oh and btw, sorry, i didn't mention this, but this is exactly what i came away with too:
You need to fully pyoxidize every new binary you want to ship from scratch
and i do not know how to use it :( only that it would be super nice to converge on a tool.
it's possible that when i look at it for a few hours i'll have an epiphany about how we could maintainably consume it
i'll let you all know, on the pants side