# pex


12/04/2019, 6:38 PM
At the end of all this it would be great if Twitter could devote long term resources to PEX. Lots of changes spanning back to 2015 have spoken of minimal knowledge. It would be good to get a deeper bench for cleaner evolution.


12/05/2019, 12:44 AM
i personally would really like to be able to invest further in pex, i've been demoing it to contractors at twitter who aren't interacting with the rest of the codebase for some reason and it's absolutely blowing their mind. reproducible programming environments are exactly why i care so much about pants and CLI tools are always the most fun to write. informally, until i introduced this project initially during twitter's hackweek, pex has been mentioned as an issue to overcome instead of a tool to leverage, which aggravates me exceptionally. i'd really like to demonstrate the opposite because i think packaging is super cool, and i think that given the freedom to continue to experiment with this we can continue to unravel some of the false limitations that come from viewing everything in the lens of pants or not.
it's absolutely within my personal sights, which make use of corporate alignment as a tool.