12/04/2019, 6:20 PM
I mean... How detailed a flesh out did I need to do? :) I have meetings here for a few hours but can add that to the example too. I'll make the thing slightly more pointed. If it's not clear, there is an external tool already (Pants) with the resolver configuration data, sources and resources data, etc...


12/05/2019, 12:31 AM
my goal today is to run through your fleshing out and try to figure out what questions your PR answers and what questions we still have before the meeting tomorrow. i think at a high level we're interested in: 1. how an external tool can invoke and use this to deploy pex files, and what steps those are (vaguely). 2. what operations need to be performed outside of running pex within pants to make use of the output. 3. what contributes to the improved performance for deploying python applications with many 3rdparty deps, and what specific factors contribute to that performance (what is the biggest bottleneck scenario before/after this change?). 4. what timeline we can expect to see this within upstream pex, and what might be needed from us (including any benchmarks we can provide, or any followup work that's separate from the PR you've added) to see this through. (1) and (2) i should be able to figure out and summarize from the PR and the discussion in this channel. (3) i think i can get a good idea of from the PR, and we can use the meeting tomorrow morning to make more clear. (4) is more about getting an understanding of how large the task is separate from this PR, and what availability you have / what availability we need from you in the upcoming week/month in order to make some internal estimates more clear. if we can develop a working agreement of sorts in tomorrow's meeting to understand how to interact with you about pex/this work, that would likely be sufficient.