Using the platform `macosx_10_13_x86_64-cp-36-cp36...
# pex
Using the platform
, trying to resolve
(which should get
from pypi) does not succeed — turning the verbosity way up I see the generated tags include
only for
I’m afk but can you check PyPI to see if they release an sdist (eg a zip file) or a bdist (the wheel file itself)? If sdist, this is expected behavior
They do release an sdist too — but why is that expected? I set
since I don’t want an sdist to ever get chosen
I think Eric was assuming either or in his response. This does seem like a bug - do you mind filing an issue? I'll take a look this evening.
Ah yes agreed that this sounds like a bug. Read too quickly from phone that the bdist is made available already. Sorry for the confusion!
@red-television-97006 please definitely post an issue with fuller details inclusing all max verbosity output. I do not repro on linux using this CLI snippet.
Note though, to accurately repro your snippet, I find an unrelated issue that's expected as shown in the following snippet. This is because pycparser only releases an sdist (e.g.: and building from sdists was disallowed.
Hmm, it’s definitely possible the issue is with me putting all the pieces together manually, rather than using the pex CLI. I’ll file an issue though!
Oh, oof.
I was running it with Python 2, and this is the unfortunate effect of having a moderate dependency on the interpreter used to run pex 😞
Ouch. That though is still a bug, but of a different sort. Touched on by all these existing issues, but the 1st is most relevant:
yep yep, fortunately I’m restricting to preexisting wheels, so we don’t silently build a bad one 🙂