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@aloof-angle-91616: re https://github.com/pantsbuild/pex/issues/729: is there no solution possible by explicitly including a setuptools dep when depending on bigquery?
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the setuptools dep is what's used, the issue is that it doesn't have the distributions registered with it, so when the import occurs and the bigquery package calls
, it fails
if you see where the
import pkg_resources
is resolved to when that failure occurs, and if you look in the stack trace, it's inside setuptools
is @average-vr-56795 picking this part up as well? or are you going to continue investigating today and hand off tomorrow?
i'm making #729 into a PR, then making it possible for @average-vr-56795 to decide whether that approach or the pants workaround with
is appropriate
sounds good. thank you.
i'm also then responding to his comments on the other release blocker PR so that can be merged today or tomorrow in london
those are all the blockers to 1.16.0 right now