That’s interesting. To answer <@UB2J9BQA0>: I’m u...
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That’s interesting. To answer @hundreds-father-404: I’m using aws cdk. So basically, it’s typescript stuff and for a Lambda, that’s how it works:
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const fn = new lambda.Function(this, 'MyFunction', {
  runtime: lambda.Runtime.NODEJS_12_X,
  handler: 'index.handler',
  code: lambda.Code.fromAsset(path.join(__dirname, 'lambda-handler')),
It requires a runtime, a handler and an asset. Currently in my case, the asset is the archive file generated by our internal tool. My idea was to replace this asset by one generated by Pants. The idea of a target generator seems interesting. I’ll have to work more on the doc. I just started playing with Pants some hours ago. Do you have any useful resources for this ?