Here's the list from main: ```$ ./pants help tools...
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Here's the list from main:
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$ ./pants help tools

External Tools

autoflake          The Autoflake Python code formatter (<>).
                   Version: autoflake==1.4

black              The Black Python code formatter (<>).
                   Version: black==21.9b0

coursier           A dependency resolver for the Maven ecosystem.
                   Version: v2.0.16-169-g194ebc55c
                   URL template: <{version}/cs-{platform}.gz>

coverage-py        Configuration for Python test coverage measurement.
                   Version: coverage[toml]>=5.5,<5.6

docformatter       The Python docformatter tool (<>).
                   Version: docformatter>=1.4,<1.5

dockerfile-parser  Used to parse Dockerfile build specs to infer their dependencies.
                   Version: dockerfile==3.2.0

download-pex-bin   The PEX (Python EXecutable) tool (<>).
                   Version: v2.1.54
                   URL template: <{version}/pex>

flake8             The Flake8 Python linter (<>).
                   Version: flake8>=3.9.2,<4.0

ipython            The IPython enhanced REPL (<>).
                   Version: ipython==7.16.1

isort              The Python import sorter tool (<>).
                   Version: isort[pyproject,colors]>=5.9.3,<6.0

mypy               The MyPy Python type checker (<>).
                   Version: mypy==0.910

poetry             Used to generate lockfiles for third-party Python dependencies.
                   Version: poetry==1.1.8

pytest             The pytest Python test framework (<>).
                   Version: pytest>=6.2.4,<6.3

scala              Scala programming language
                   Version: 2.13.6

scc                The Succinct Code Counter, aka `scc` (<>).
                   Version: 3.0.0
                   URL template: <{version}/scc-{version}-{platform}.zip>

setuptools         Python setuptools, used to package `python_distribution` targets.
                   Version: setuptools>=50.3.0,<58.0

shellcheck         A linter for shell scripts.
                   Version: v0.7.1
                   URL template: <{version}/shellcheck-{version}.{platform}.tar.xz>

shfmt              An autoformatter for shell scripts (<>).
                   Version: v3.2.4
                   URL template: <{version}/shfmt_{version}_{platform}>

twine              The utility for publishing Python distributions to PyPi and other Python repositories.
                   Version: twine==3.4.2

Use `./pants help $tool` to get help for a specific tool.