# general


10/12/2020, 4:01 PM
I’d say it mostly depends on what provider you use. Pants implements the open source Remote Execution API, so there are several different servers you can hook up to, or implement your own (non-trivial). Pants is the client. For Pants’s own CI, we were using Google’s RBE service for three months and it was awesome having 20 worker, compared to Travis’s 2 core CPU. But Google shut that down last month :/ There are some things that will need polish for Pants’s client-side, though, to be really ergonomic, e.g.: * better support for having different config for remote vs. local (Bazel’s “toolchains”) * speculation, meaning you can try local and remote, and go with what’s fastest For Toolchain’s remote execution/caching services we plan to offer, we’re focusing first on remote caching, and then will followup with remote execution.