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Draft for `r/python`:
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Title: Pants 2.0.0 released - Concurrently cache and orchestrate modern Python builds

We're launching Pants 2.0 today, a build tool to orchestrate the tools used for a modern Python codebase, like Black, Pytest, Flake8, Protobufs, and setuptools. Pants will run these tools concurrently, and brings fine-grained caching with minimal boilerplate, including as your codebase scales up in size.

We're also excited that the Plugin API leverages Python 3 features to pull everything off: type hints, async functions, and dataclasses. We wrote the new execution engine in Rust for performance, but plugins are written in typed Python 3 for ease of use.
Any feedback? Maybe different title: “Pants 2.0.0 launched” would do better I think, as there’s timeliness
s/Pants v2 will run/Pants v2 runs/
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another differentiator is the “scale up and down in terms of codebase size” aspect… maybe worth mentioning there to demonstrate more difference from scripts/poetry/tox/etc
Do we want the title
Pants 2.0.0 released to orchestrate Python builds
Pants 2.0.0 released
s/but you write/but plugins are written/
… just to avoid the implication that writing a plugin is required to use Pants
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Edited the original post to latest. @happy-kitchen-89482 any feedback? Bump on https://pantsbuild.slack.com/archives/C18RRR4JK/p1603829552055700?thread_ts=1603828500.049800&cid=C18RRR4JK
Pants 2.0.0 released, with support for scalable Python builds
or something like that
if there isn’t a length limit, i think that the “caching and concurrency” bits from the HN post are relevant here too
the amount of native code in Pants is a differentiator compared to many python tools
I’ll just use the HN title