why not?
# announce
why not?
Only reason I can think is that 2.0 was last week, and we normally go about 3-4 weeks for each new release. But I think this was an unusual thing with 2.0
I would give the 2.0.0 news some time to “settle” in the public’s mind
I also wouldn’t worry about 2.1.0.dev0 having more changes than a regular dev0 release
with time-based releases, the changes that make it made it in
I think my bigger motivation is the blog about Py3 migrations. We wanted the blog next week, but I don’t want to be talking about features not in a stable release
it’s 3-4 weeks of time on master
not between the stable releases, per-se
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so the clock started when the 2.0.x branch was cut
…which was oct 11th